Auburn Primary is a small school located in the town of Auburn, approximately 150 kilometres north of Adelaide and 25 kilometres south of Clare, the closest regional centre. Auburn is a small town surrounded by broad acre cropping properties and vineyards supporting local wineries, the main industry in the area. Auburn’s students are drawn from the township itself and surrounding properties.

Auburn Primary School’s purpose is “Global Learning in a Family Setting”. Staff do this by providing a happy and caring environment, where individual differences are recognised and valued. Building students’ resilience and promoting a growth mindset approach to learning are important ongoing focuses for the school.

Auburn Primary School has a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy with staff actively involved in targeted Training and Development, research and regional based programs and mentoring staff from other schools. Student achievement data is monitored regularly as a part of a school agreement and reflects the excellent classroom practices.

Since 2012 Auburn Primary has been part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. This program has been further enhanced through Enterprise Education with the development of ‘A Taste of Auburn’ Shop which operates on Friday afternoons after Assembly, providing real life literacy and numeracy experiences.

Auburn Primary School is part of the Mid North Partnership of schools and preschools. Teachers work collaboratively with teachers across the Mid North Partnership in Network Learning Groups.